Get Ready For The Robot Revolution In Logistics

Supply chain trends are changing this year and will affect both your supply chain and the way in which you approach it. As the world advances and our transportation needs increase, so does the need for innovative supply chain efficiencies. To help you stay ahead of these trends, here are some of the more prominent ones that are taking hold this year. Society Creative is one of the few companies that can create beautiful, innovative packaging and websites for your products that are also fully sustainable. Our ability to repurpose fiber from non-recyclable sources (like fishing nets) allows us to create incredibly innovative.The robotics revolution is putting more autonomous machines into your warehouse than ever before. Intelligent machines eliminate manual labor and increase operational efficiency. We are all curious about how driverless cars will affect our future. Our Driverless Transportation ReportPresents an interesting yet controversial picture of this impending change in transportation. By reviewing the evolution of road transportation and the various changes to infrastructure that have taken place over the years—including what is happening through pilot programs now—we can see how these changes may affect our future. The Internet of Things (IoT) has been a major supply chain trend this year. With computer connectivity through cloud computing, companies have streamlined operations throughout their supply chains and have created a more seamless process. In addition, real-time data and virtual technologies have made their way into the supply chain environment. Integrated computer network systems instantly provide information to workers, which helps them increase their productivity. In conclusion, we believe that the implementation of advanced robotics into a company’s supply chain is ultimately a good thing. It levels the playing field for smaller companies, who don’t necessarily have in-house robotics technicians and engineers to help them out. And hopefully, robotics will also make supply chain operations more efficient and cost effective.

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